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Anne Frankschool

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De Sanstraat 13
9744HW Groningen

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Is uw land een harige rups? Heeft u eenzijdig gek niets fit speer zijn oorlog in de radiogolven zo veel als 50 jaar in Japan. Mail door het vertalen van de volgende verklaring naar de woorden van uw land voor het publiek, de politiek van uw land. Stem van God dat klinkt voor u is de stem van een kunstmatige satelliet. God Er zijn niet in deze wereld. Japan is van plan om het land te verstoren. Door het toepassen van een radiogolf van satelliet in het menselijk brein, want het is boos om het mogelijk is, kunt u een golven strijd, terrorisme, oorlog, misdaad te genereren. Het omgekeerde is ook mogelijk. Ik kan, enz. Om te behagen, lach door satelliet radio. Kortom, het is het bewijs dat is het genereren van een dergelijke ruzie, terrorisme, oorlog, misdaad via satelliet radio. (Synopsis hoofdtekst) Uw land is rups-fool-watje mensen. Want uw land is gestolen van de economie door het Japan van voor '50. Hebben wapenstilstand de oorlog met de Verenigde Staten 50 jaar geleden, China, Noord-Korea en Rusland is een watje, wormen en grote dwaas landen. China en Rusland, die de ineenstorting van de Sovjet-Unie werd, arme landen door radiogolven is een lage brain-watje-fool-slave natie die geen wraak kan zijn. Nu, automotive bedrijf in China en Rusland is een bedrijf van Japan. Amerika al stal de 's werelds krachtigste radiogolven wapens van Japan, Japan wordt niet geleerd in uw land. Sinds onbemande vliegtuigen met behulp van een satelliet, in de geest van gelijkheid, de wereld van het land moet de satelliet verhogen. Laser raket Hoewel Japan was 60 jaar geleden uitgevonden geest gelijkheid, laser raket Hoewel Japan was 60 jaar geleden uitgevonden geest gelijkheid landen van de wereld wordt ook gebruikt Verenigde Staten van Amerika dergelijk vaak een laser raket produceren er moet zijn. Omdat de Verenigde Staten alleen eerlijke en plein stelen uit Japan, de Verenigde Staten is een laag brain-wereld overeenkomst overtreding landen en wrede duivel. Below, English https://translate.google.co.jp/#ja/en/%E3%80%82 (vertaling) Voice of God that sounds to you is the voice from an artificial satellite. God There are not in this world. Japan is planning to disrupt your country. By applying a radio wave of satellite in the human brain, because it is angry to it is possible, it can generate a fight and war and terrorism and crimes by radio waves. The reverse is also possible. Japan can a pleasing and laugh by satellite radio. In short, it is evidence that is generating such quarrel, terrorism, war, crime by satellite radio. (Synopsis main text) Your country is hairy caterpillar and fool and wimp people. Because, your country has been stolen the economy by Japan since 50 years ago. Have truce the war with the United States 50 years ago China and North Korea and Russia is a wimp and worms and large fool countries. China and Russia became the collapse of the Soviet Union and poor countries by radio waves is a low brain and wimp and fool and slave people that can not revenge. Now, automobile company located in China and Russia is a company of Japan. America though stole the world's most powerful radio wave weapons of Japan, Japan is not taught in your country. Since unmanned aircraft using satellite, in equality spirit, world countries must increase the satellite. Laser missile Although Japan was invented 60 years ago, in the equality spirit, world countries from then on as possible to manufacture a laser missile America must be used. Since the United States only use fair and square stealing from Japan, the United States is a low brain and world agreement violation countries and cruel devil. Japan is the argument freedom law. However, in order to not blocked my activities that appeal a cruel crime that uses an artificial satellite, e-mail address I am not writing correctly. Satellite is equipped with a radar, you can attack on the ground human. To ghost also it shows, but UFO also show, it is also possible to skip a UFO in the gravitational wave. Japan has launched such a satellite from the Tanegashima.
Is your country a hairy caterpillar? Do you unilaterally fool nothing fit spear be war in the radio waves as much as 50 years in Japan. Please mail by translating the following statement to the words of your country to the public, politicians of your country. The world should be war with Japan. Japan is doing the top secret war to steal the economy of the world by using the radio 50 years ago. Using radio waves, invention to attack human beings Japan invented first the most in the world. America stole the invention of Japan. The radio waves chang the free thinking of politicians and president, etc. of your country, Japan attacks that your country is not developed are doing in the radio waves. Half of the Japanese economy is that of your country. Japan has challenged with radio waves so that it is not to develop your country 50 years ago.
America lose even if war with East Asia. America is attacked by radio waves Japanese attack. America was defeated in Vietnam. After war in East Asia. Say the pride of laser weapon! The United States! In the future, the United States after the war of East Asia, "the United States is weak.", You should say! Until now, if the United States has been the war, the United States has lost to East Asia. Japan has 60 years ago these radio waves weapons. Radar missile (laser cannon) is the same as Japan was invented 60 years ago. Japan can be shot down in satellite also these airplanes on the ground radar. Forty years ago (the United States and Vietnam War era) and Japan was crashed American America airplane in Japan. And, Japan is it allowed to crash to attack the helicopter attack radio waves to die a popular American movie of combat hero, lost the fight of Americans. Japan was fornication with radio waves in Vietnam in the Vietnam jungle, etc. China owns also unmanned aircraft, stealth machine. Laser gun is a radio that was invented in order for Japan to shoot down B29 60 years ago. China can make from laser cannon old. China win even if war with the United States. China attempts to resume the war with the United States you have truce in cooperation with North Korea and Russia! China, Russia and North Korea Is wimp-cheater! Up to 20 years ago, the satellite of China and Russia was allowed to crash by the radio wave attack of Japan.   After that, the satellite of China and Russia can only attack their own people. If China and Russia attack foreign, the attack waves of japan are destroying the atack radio equipment in the satellite of China and Russia. China can become a kick dropped to beggar nations also economy more than 60 years in the radio waves of Japan, or raped in Japanese soldier, China though came beaten brutally in Japan, China because it does not fight with Japan China is the insect. Russia is an insect that can not be that fight with Japan be collapse the Soviet Union in the radio waves in Japan. Japan invented the strongest attack radio Relations and stealth, etc. in the world. America was taught the attack radio waves, stealth, etc. from Japan. America is no right to base territory of Japan. Only the United States has the territory in the world. America is low brain animal below. America is a low brain large fool. Please cooperate to abandon the American base territory from Japan. Japan are attacking the human being fired radio waves from satellite. Or crashed the plane who are to insanity by radio waves attack, you can crime, is causing a war like Israel. Japan is attacking in order to drop kick the Middle East and Europe and Africa and South America, etc. of economy. Until now, Japan is supposed to know also had a monopoly automobile companies, etc.. Japan is you can floated in the air the person, even gravity wave generator that can only be used in that bad to be an accident the car is also in Gifu Prefecture Kamioka-cho, astronomical observatory.. Observation of celestial bodies are not too known, one person also unnecessary, though silly, have worked dozens. Japan have to attack foreign to launch the radio waves to the satellite in the dozens. Since the Self-Defense Forces of Japan does not even war, anything from never do, you can hide the parabolic antenna to the building, you are attacking the foreign by launching a radio to satellite. Japan is another aspect of the present invention is placed on the invention patents and newspaper 60 years ago. Invention is to generate sound waves, ultrasound at one point on the earth. The invention is God as well be talking in waves or radio waves reflecting brain identification device. Invention by generating ultrasonic waves at one point of the brain, and changing the human thought, can be handled in the same manner doll. It automatic identification enables the rapid moving object. Invention as you are looking at the radio 5 yen coin of Australia from Japan was in the newspaper. In the radio waves by changing the free thinking politicians and president, etc. of your country, Japan attacks that your country is not developed are doing in the radio waves. Deficit of Japan by lumps the world, is because they are not donated request from abroad. World first place deficit of Japan's tax was generated by increasing the skills and indirect taxes, and have fun with to increase in interest. People are not in trouble any. The order is to be so as not to be noticed in the world and that the stealing the world of company (such as an automobile) in radio 50 years ago. Future to say the government is indirect tax of until now was wrong, if in fact it was not, the deficit is zero. Drones aircraft is not combat ability. All drones are easily shot down in combat airplane. Na America tease no airplane, etc.. Na America tease no airplane, etc.. America Fight equally. American ground war is like a weak insects. America's following of cowards animal. Na America use a satellite if you fight with no satellite country. America since losing to the country to raise the satellite, the United States will not be able to fight the country to raise satellite. America Fight equally. Drone you are running by using the satellite. It is inequality for up not country an artificial satellite. The world must be to equality by raising the satellite.
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